Weirdest Songs on SoundCloud You Have To Hear (The 4th One Will Seriously Shock You)

SoundCloud has been around for over 10 years and has over 175 million active users. It’s often referred to as ‘the YouTube’ for audio’ due to its popularity. Soundcloud is a place that allows people to create their own audio and then share it with the entire world. With so many registered users in one place you’re bound to get some dodgy uploads.

The Utter Most Strange Songs on Soundcloud

Some of the many strange songs found on Soundcloud are in fact very popular. Despite the fact that some artists may have chosen to create such a strange song, they sometimes do it very well and are able to come up with extremely popular parodies and remixes of well-known audio such as the Seinfeld theme tune. This has been experimented a number of times on Soundcloud, and someone has even gone to the trouble to create a dubstep version of it.

Kanye West is another popular feature of strange Soundcloud songs. There are several remixes of his creations ranging from ‘Touch the Sky’ mixed with the theme to the 1995 Super Nintendo video game ‘Chrono Trigger’, to a track of him just talking about his iPhone.

Such of these tracks can be very funny, but unfortunately a lot of the time they are infringing copyright so are removed from Soundcloud completely. This then only leaves the strangest of the strange tracks remaining on Soundcloud.

One such track that certainly sounds like the strangest of the strange, is “Harlem shake” mixed with “Gangnam Style”. Both of these songs were pretty odd when they were released anyway, nevertheless the public loved them and they become extremely popular, with Gangnam Style receiving over 3.1 billion views on YouTube to date.

There are plenty more strange songs to discover on Soundcloud, but the best way to discover them is to sign up for your own Soundcloud account and have a listen to what’s been uploaded on there. It’s completely free to join Soundcloud, although there are a couple of Pro packages if you’re looking for extra features – especially if you’re an artist and want to have a go at creating your own Soundcloud tracks but be aware of the pitfalls.

How does SoundCloud make money & how much money do they have?

SoundCloud was established in 2008 and is the world’s largest online music and audio platform. The fact that Soundcloud is so popular means that it allows people to discover and enjoy music from the most diverse community of music creators in the world. The Soundcloud platform allows creators and their fans to connect directly to each other from across the globe. It’s free to create an account at Soundcloud, which often makes people wonder exactly how Soundcloud makes money.

How does Soundcloud make Money?

The fact that it’s completely free to join Soundcloud is actually one of the main reasons why it is able to make so much money. When Soundcloud was founded in 2008 it was created as a business venture, for which it received funding from investors. Investors were attracted by the fact that Soundcloud already had an impressive subscriber base, even in the early stages. This was where the original money came from to create the platform and promote it across the internet. After Soundcloud had been around for a while and had increased even more in popularity, the creators decided to introduce a paid subscription alongside the free subscription. This meant that it was still possible to join Soundcloud for free (and still is today), but members who paid for their ‘Pro’ subscription had access to premium features. Such features include:

  • Double upload time
  • Additional statistics (including number of plays by country)
  • The ability to highlight tracks and playlists by pinning them to the top of your profile

The Soundcloud Pro subscription costs £45 per year, or 25% more at £5 per month if paid annually. There is also the addition of the ‘Pro Unlimited’ subscription, which offers even more features for £72 per year, or £8 per month. It is the Pro and Pro Unlimited subscriptions that allow Soundcloud to make money. The free signup is a great way to increase the number of subscribers at the same time.

Other ways that Soundcloud makes Money

Now that Soundcloud has such a huge subscriber base (over 175 million people), there are other ways that Soundcloud are able to make money from its users. One of the main ways that Soundcloud makes money outside the offer of paid subscriptions is via online advertising. Soundcloud get paid thousands to insert advertisements both on their website and at the beginning, middle and end of artist’s videos. Despite ads only being introduced fairly recently, they have already generated vast amounts of money for Soundcloud, and the management is keen to carry on with online advertising, despite receiving a large amount of criticism from its features artists.

The fact that Soundcloud are so popular and make so much money means that the ball is in their court when it comes to running the website. Artists have little choice but to put up with the management decisions of Soundcloud because there is no popular alternative at present. That’s not to say that there will not be a rival to Soundcloud in the future, but given the fact that Soundcloud is already extremely popular and is increasing in popularity by the year, it will probably be quite a while before the general public begin to use something else. In the near future, Soundcloud may well be able to make even more money with a paid subscription that removes the ads that they introduced!


How does SoundCloud detect Copyright? How many users does it have?

Soundcloud is often referred to as ‘the YouTube for audio’, and to date has over 175 million active users. In the ten years or so that Soundcloud has been established, copyright infringement has always been an issue, but with an exponentially increasing number of users this is a problem that is only getting worse as time goes on. Because of this, it’s no longer feasible to leave the job of checking for copyright infringement to human beings, so Soundcloud has to resort to other methods in order to detect copyright.

How Soundcloud Detects Copyright

With so many users on Soundcloud, artist have to be confident that they can control how their work appears on Soundcloud. If they were unable to do this then they would be reluctant to use Soundcloud’s services, which means that they would go elsewhere and Soundcloud would make no money. It’s therefore very much in the interests of the management of Soundcloud that copyright issues are identified, addressed and solved without delay.

Automated Content Identification

Since 2010, Soundcloud has used automatic content identification. Automatic content identification works in the following way. When an artist uploads a track to Soundcloud, the system checks the audio against a database of tracks that copyright owners have asked them to block. If the system is able to detect a match, then the artists’ upload is blocked, as per the request of the copyright owner. Another system is also run in the background to ensure that infringing content is being picked up on an ongoing basis – even after the initial upload. Any content that is picked up in this way will automatically be removed.

In addition to automatic content identification, there is also a process to manually take down offending content. How manual takedowns work is a lot more simple. Whenever someone submits a report via the ‘Report Copyright Infringement’ webform on Soundcloud, a member of Soundcloud staff review the request to make sure that it’s genuine, and then if appropriate will remove the offending content. There is a button to report such content on every single track page on Soundcloud, so it’s always easy to locate and use. In some cases, copyright owners can even directly remove content from Soundcloud using a special tool. Both of these methods have been available for several years, and they are two of the most effective ways for copyright owners to remove infringing content form the Soundcloud website.

Soundcloud Copyright Warnings

If Soundcloud receive a valid notification from a third party via their reporting process that someone’s content is infringing copyright, then they will take the offending content down immediately and send a written notification to the offending user’s registered email address. This will give the uploader the opportunity to clarify and defend their rights to display the content by filing a dispute. If the takedown is not successfully disputed (ie. It has not been disputed within 7 days or the appeal has been rejected), then a copyright warning will be sent to the same email address and the offending user will receive a ‘strike’ on their account. A user who has more than two strikes will more than likely have their account permanently terminated.

Only Soundcloud themselves are allowed to terminate a user’s account, unlike the option to remove offending content, which can be given as a privilege to selected copyright holders.