Weirdest Songs on SoundCloud You Have To Hear (The 4th One Will Seriously Shock You)

Weirdest Songs on SoundCloud You Have To Hear (The 4th One Will Seriously Shock You)

SoundCloud has been around for over 10 years and has over 175 million active users. It’s often referred to as ‘the YouTube’ for audio’ due to its popularity. Soundcloud is a place that allows people to create their own audio and then share it with the entire world. With so many registered users in one place you’re bound to get some dodgy uploads.

The Utter Most Strange Songs on Soundcloud

Some of the many strange songs found on Soundcloud are in fact very popular. Despite the fact that some artists may have chosen to create such a strange song, they sometimes do it very well and are able to come up with extremely popular parodies and remixes of well-known audio such as the Seinfeld theme tune. This has been experimented a number of times on Soundcloud, and someone has even gone to the trouble to create a dubstep version of it.

Kanye West is another popular feature of strange Soundcloud songs. There are several remixes of his creations ranging from ‘Touch the Sky’ mixed with the theme to the 1995 Super Nintendo video game ‘Chrono Trigger’, to a track of him just talking about his iPhone.

Such of these tracks can be very funny, but unfortunately a lot of the time they are infringing copyright so are removed from Soundcloud completely. This then only leaves the strangest of the strange tracks remaining on Soundcloud.

One such track that certainly sounds like the strangest of the strange, is “Harlem shake” mixed with “Gangnam Style”. Both of these songs were pretty odd when they were released anyway, nevertheless the public loved them and they become extremely popular, with Gangnam Style receiving over 3.1 billion views on YouTube to date.

There are plenty more strange songs to discover on Soundcloud, but the best way to discover them is to sign up for your own Soundcloud account and have a listen to what’s been uploaded on there. It’s completely free to join Soundcloud, although there are a couple of Pro packages if you’re looking for extra features – especially if you’re an artist and want to have a go at creating your own Soundcloud tracks but be aware of the pitfalls.

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